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Work doesn’t work the way it used to. It’s no longer a place to go or a time of day. It’s a wherever, whenever reality that is constantly evolving. But some things haven’t changed. Work is still about getting stuff done. It still depends on communication and collaboration. There are toys for play, and there are tools for work. We build the latter. Headsets created for comfort and clarity. Technology that promotes connections, while tuning out distractions. Made to focus, Made to simplify. Made to hustle, create and achieve.

Favorites solutions of our users

  • SAVI 8200 Office and UC

    SAVI 8200 Office and UC

    Wireless dect™ headset system. Make every conversation clear with the savi 8200 office and uc series - with top quality wireless dect™ audio. Give your employees the headset that helps them get more done, with style and comfort.

  • Blackwire 8225

    Blackwire 8225

    Enjoy exceptional audio performance in the noisiest environments. Keep noise out and productivity up, no matter where you work with the Blackwire 8225. Create a zone of calm so you can stay focused. Transmit your voice, not the noise.

  • Voyager Focus UC

    Voyager Focus UC

    Wireless dect™ headset system delivers an immersive experience. Move fluidly between your PC and smartphone and between work and entertainment with rich, immersive hi-fi stereo and active noise cancellation designed to keep you focused on the work at hand, not the chaos around you.


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Noise canceling Specific tailored for an office garden.

When it comes to Active Noise Canceling (ANC), our headsets have the right balance. Not too much so that you don't hear anything at all. Not too little to distract you. Just enough for noisy offices.

Superior noise cancellation protects every call

So, do you have a headset that blocks background noise? But what about the other people on the phone? A Poly headset with advanced noise cancellation guarantees that you are all they hear, no matter how busy the office is.

The most comfortable headsets out there

We believe your ears are important. That is why we have designed headsets with quality and light material to keep your ears happy all day long. Less distraction. More focus.

Headsets suitable for everyone in the office

A permanent desk? Always roaming the office? From meeting to meeting? On the phone all day? It doesn't matter what your work style is, we have a headset to improve your office life.

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