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More than 94% of employees are affected by ambient noise during online meetings or telephone conversations. That is why Active Noise Canceling (ANC) is indispensable for today's employees as they deal with the distractions in the office and at home while trying to stay productive.

Poly offers the solution to Beat The Noise.

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Download the e-book and discover which smart technology solutions can help you reduce ambient noises.

Top 3 ambient noises

working in an office

phone ringing
people chatting
people talking on phone

working from home

kitchen appliance
music/TV in another room
people talking in background

Hear the difference

Poly offers an amazing lineup of headsets, with great sound and comfortable designs.

Listen to these two examples to hear how our noise canceling technology, ANC, can help you tune out distractions.

Without ANC (Active Noise Canceling):

With ANC (Active Noise Canceling):

Superior noise reduction improves every call

Okay, so you have a headset that blocks ambient noise? But what about the other people on the phone? A Poly headset with advanced noise cancellation ensures you are all they hear, no matter how busy the office is.

Noise canceling created specifically for an open office

When it comes to Active Noise Canceling (ANC), our headsets strike the right balance. Not too much so that you don't hear anything at all. Not too little to distract you. Just enough for noisy offices.

Beat the Noise Ebook

Would you like to know more about how Poly ANC Headsets can help you?

Download Poly Beat The Noise Ebook