People in the same meeting aren’t always in the same room—but with Poly conference solutions, they’ll feel like they are. Advanced audio technology helps everyone hear and be heard. Productivity is enhanced. And not a single word, or opportunity, gets missed.

The favorites of our users

  • Trio C60

    Trio C60

    Transform any space into a trouble-free collaboration area. Bring people together. Make sure everyone at the table can be heard, from near to far with Poly signature audio. NoiseBlockAI technology ensures that speech is rendered naturally, without interruption. The TrioC60 is built for simplicity - for audio conferencing or in combination with a Poly video room solution. And best of all, it's super easy to use - with the push of a button you can be conferencing via Teams, among others.

  • MTR g40

    MTR g40

    Experience the top in combination with powerful Poly audio and video for any size room. No more massive cable clutter on the conference table. Just a single cable on the touch controller that connects to the computer system in the cabinet or behind the monitor. Connect your PC to the touch controller to share your screen and also connect a USB speakerphone. This makes meeting experiences simple, predictable and consistent. The Poly Room solution for Microsoft Teams transforms everyday meetings into powerful experiences.

  • Sync 40

    Sync 40

    The perfect speakerphone for meetings and music, whatever the day brings. Be honest: the audio from your laptop and smartphone aren't great. With the Poly Sync 40 USB/Bluetooth® smart speakerphone, you'll sound like the professional you are - because of the extraordinary audio quality, everywhere. The Poly Sync 40 offers a hassle-free communication experience with both Zoom and Teams.


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