Helping to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Doesn't your company also want to make every communication as seamless as possible, facilitate employee collaboration, and thus increase customer satisfaction? Avaya makes this possible.

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Our Vision

To reimagine the ways people and businesses engage and experience the world.

Our Mission

Avaya is reimagining digital communications. Avaya Cloud Office and its associated solutions provide your customers and employees with an entirely new work experience.

How We Deliver Experiences that Matter

What Happens in an Avaya Minute

Every minute of every day, we create intelligent connections that drive business and productivity. When it comes to delivering experiences that matter, no one has more experience than Avaya.

Cloud-Powered Innovation Your Way

Businesses no longer compete on products and services but instead on the experiences they provide to their employees and customers. An experience that is effortless, personalized, connected, and intuitive is one that is remembered. Avaya OneCloud is a multi-cloud application ecosystem that enables organizations to deliver experiences that matter. Powered by automation and layered innovation, it connects your business, and your customers, and your employees with everything they need, at the speed they need it.

New Ways to Get Work Done

In the new world of work, teams are taking an all-in-it-together tack. Talent, creativity, and commitment lead, blurring the lines of function and seniority. Foster team vitality with online collaboration that keeps people informed and engaged, from anywhere.

Deliver Effortless Customer Experiences

Every business is all about customers—care, service, experience—and there’s nothing more crucial than a contact center. Avaya Sales Agents have the solutions that make customer connections easy: ready on voice and digital channels, smooth self-service, and seamless journeys.