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Flexible solution

More and more organizations are choosing to bring their communications to the cloud to gain more flexibility. Yet cloud communication also brings challenges and the goals are not the same for every organization. That's why UCaas* offers the perfect solution!

In the Frost & Sullivan white paper you will read what to look out for as an organization when implementing a UCaas solution and more about the benefits of UCaas.:

  • Cost optimization and risk mitigation
  • Operational efficiency and agility
  • Enhanced customer value

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Insights from the whitepaper

Cloud solutions are cost effective

Frost & Sullivan’s survey shows that 77% of IT decision-makers believe cloud solutions reduce costs and 76% state that they reduce software and hardware maintenance.

Outsourcing provides greater efficiency

IT and telecom staff, in particular, can focus on more strategic projects to ensure faster and more targeted impact of technology investments on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Internal productivity and flexibility stimulation

Advanced UCaaS solutions drive internal productivity and agility, which often results in better products and services, as well as faster and more reliable product and services delivery to the customer.